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i backhanded your mama

W00T!! farrell's over (and back from north carolina!!!), we just finished watching 10 things i hate about you (<3!!!!!), i got to hang out with my BUDD-A-ROOS at reston town center (even though it was freezing cold D:), and brigitte's back from florida!!! so all in all, a rather wonderful day. except- does anybody know if you can seriously damage someone for life by kicking them in the nuts too hard? :-/ DON'T DRINK WHEN I'M SPEAKING TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! christ i'm kind of hyper :P OH and this awesome guy tyler text messaged me today and it was all "HAHAHAHA FLIRT". the only thing that SUCKED was the anti-flag concert got sold out..... DX they're my favorite band EVER! coming in second to green day, though. and maybe rancid and NOFX as well- but they're pretty high up there!!!!!     PS::aww, the smiley face for this is so cute!

Spazzmaticly Yours, Jen


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Apr. 14th, 2007 04:30 am (UTC)
black people
i like your little grim reaper things. theyre tiny and funny. i wish i could eat them, or invite them over for tea at the least. then theyd play games with me, and walk with me to adams house (all the way from my house, in sterling) i love walking. i love your little grim reaper things.
Apr. 17th, 2007 01:45 pm (UTC)
they prefer 'negros'
my little grim reaper's are allergic to tea. and coffee. and those cute little finger biscuits that people serve at tea parties- how sad. D: i SHOULD be in school right now, but, guess what, i'm fucking SUSPENDED. D:< i'll tell you what happened later, if you don't already know.
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