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well you see, the problem with poet is: how do you know it's deceased? try the priest!

i swear my family will murder me in my sleep if they hear that song one more time, and i can't say i blame them, but it's so catchy! maybe it's just the anti-religionist in me loving the eating of priests, because the song sounds nothing at all like the stuff i normally adore.

how the hell am i supposed to know a substitute for baking powder? these people have ridICULOUS expectations... and that woman is, i hate to say, rather hideous. not her face, particularly, but how FORCED the smile is. she is obviously putting it on for the camera.

blackout dance tonight... i'm not nearly as excited as i should be. well, that's miscontruent. i dont care if thats a word, its the right combination of vowels and consonants to suit the purpose im looking for. in other words, since i am incomprehensible, that was a lie. i'm VERYVERYVERY excited at the moment, though i do have to go and take a shower, which seems a damn right shame ("shame?" "seems an awful waste...") since i took one this morning and it'll dry out my scalp. :(

and as an extra note... 'what is THAT?'
fabbity fab fab.

carnivorously yours,