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i've forgotten...

...how amazing teen love feels. i mean, i know that's a stupid sappy title, but whatever. and note that i said 'TEEN' love, not reallife love. because i know there's a huge difference. I meant teen love as in, "like liking" people and all that jazz. aw, i'm so happy! he thinks im hot, he seriously acts like he likes me too. when i saw him at rtc, he and his friend were talking about something really serious, and his friend was like 'dude, come on, let's talk somewhere private.' but instead of leaving he specifically said OUTRIGHT: "no, jenny's here, i want to stay." i mean, DUUUUDDEEE!! this is such a pep-up thing. i might as well put on a bloody cheerleader outfit and start chanelling my cheeriness to home games.