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Jun. 18th, 2008

 No offense, scene kids, but you guys SUCK at moshing. You're adorable and everything, but... damn. Don't just stand around at concerts! That's so lame, and in my opinion ruins the experience... If that's all you're going to do, please, buy the CDs and stay at home instead of taking up space at the concert venue. The entire point of going to a concert is for the sense of community, and for the feeling that you can only get while being shoved around and tossed to the ground, then picked right back up again by people who relate to the same melodies and tunes that you do. Talk about coincidence- as I'm writing this, Drink Drank Punk by Anti-Flag came on. This was probably the most memorable sensation from that concert- everyone skanking around and moshing to this song. I'm trying to explain to myself why I adore moshing so much- not just moshing, but being tripped up and hurt and having people step on you, then not even half a second later being pulled back up and having all these hands patting you on the back, asking "Are you alright?" This reminds me of an account of suspension that I was reading on bmezine.com. A suspension is when you have your back/ shoulders/ legs/ etc. pierced, with hooks placed through the piercings, and loops on the opposite ends of the hooks. String's tied to these loops, and you're literally "suspended" by the holes in your body. Cringe if you want, but I know of the healing that can provide, and that ties into violence at concerts for me. Music's always been very close to my heart, and there are countless times when I'm listening to a song and everything just COMES TOGETHER in this rush that just hits me right between my shoulder blades, and reverberates throughout my body. Now, take that and add screaming the lyrics with people you've never met before, complete strangers, and then one or two of your very closest friends. Especially the strangers- the idea that you can be so united through this combination of, oh, A flat and B sharp. People you've never seen before. Never spoken to before. And here they are picking you off the beer-swamped ground with cigarette butt carpeting, comforting you, making sure you are absolutely quite alright, and then.... shoving you back in to absolute unbelievable chaos. The pit is basically your lowest low, the worst point- being shaken around, scared, shoved, stricken, scarred in some cases, and attacked by people you consider your kin, that you've been SINGING THESE SONGS WITH! But as soon as you fall over, the second you touch the ground, everyone's helping you and protecting you, and suddenly they're your saviors. That's how it ties into suspensions- the people who mutilated you, jabbed holes into you, and will probably leave scars that will last the rest of your life are the exact ones who help you down, who clean up your wounds and hug you and offer you salvation. So in conclusion, STOP STANDING AROUND AT CONCERTS. Learn to experience this, to become part of a community. Because once you've taken part in this with somebody, you are bonded for forever. It doesn't matter what else happens; if somebody destroys you and then rebuilds you, then the two of you are family for as long as your soul exists. I sound like a complete crackhead now, but regardless, that's my view on the subject.

Dependently yours, Jen