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Fuck you, Bush. I just read an article about 9/11 and how devastating it was, with all these little details about children crying over the dads they'll never see again and etc etc. Normally, I'm REALLY sensitivive to other people's emotions. Watching a fucking TV show will set me off if there's the slightest hint of tragedy, and when even complete strangers start crying near me I start welling up. But I can't even cry about this, because Bush and his fucking cronies have made it into this horrible exploitation to scare the shit out of everyone and win the last election. Families ripped apart. Mothers and fathers dead. Can you even begin to imagine how horrible it would be if your husband or wife goes to work one day, and you maybe peck them goodbye like any other day, and they never come home? What about if you had a horrible row the night before, and you can never reconcile with them? This holds especially true with sons and daughters- I know that I've said some prett damn hateful things to my parents that I didn't mean, and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if that was the last meeting we had. So yeah, fucking horrible tragedy. Complete bullshit. And normally, I would have been sobbing my lil ol' heart out reading this article. But it's been exploited and sold out SO MUCH that I can't even muster up any pity for the families that were affected. Bush and his administration have taken advantage of it to the point where it's completely corrupt and disgusting- there is NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER for using the suffering of all these families to secure another election for yourself. It just disgusts me so much, to the point where I've basically shut down and had to repress all emotions that have to do with it. I really, really hate being jaded- it makes me feel like a completely worthless human being. So thanks, George Dub-yah, for making me completely immune to the suffering of all these people. GO FUCK OFF AND DIE, YOU CUNT.

Angrily yours, Jen