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Holding hands, tangled leather and studs.

well then RAWR!
28 December
Well, I'm Jenny. Incredibly self-assured (mostly to the point of naricissism), and one weird mother fucker- I guess I'm popular enough, considering all the shit I do. I've got a real problem with the whole proper punctuation thing, but at least I try. As you might have figured out by now, I'm the biggest music whore to date. A bit of a regular whore as well, but at least I'm honest about it. That's another thing about me- I try pretty damn hard to be honest, which isn't turning out so well seeing as everyone thinks I'm a fat-ass liar. Alot of people lie about watching porn, but I think that's pretty retarded- I WATCH GAY PORN ALL. THE. TIME. And it's damn awesome. My Chemical Romance is cool with all their pro-queer stuff- people who don't like queers should be pissed off. As much as I am into gay rights and all that, I'm a stereotypical hetero teenager- no girlies for me. Pretty soon I'm going to get my hair cut like Jael (from America's Next Top Model) before the makeover, and maybe get it died like that, which would be fun. My favorite band of ALL TIME has gotta be Green Day- and none of that American Idiot Blvd of Broken Dreams bullshit (though that album's not too bad, either), their older stuff is GENIUS. Kudos to Billie Joe Armstrong for the best lyrics in the history of anything. The song that I can probably relate to most is "She", off of Dookie and International Superhits. Go look it up- and don't say that you have anything better to do- if you did, you wouldn't have read all the way down here. My BFF is first and foremost Farrell Tapscott- she is AMAZING. Mind-blowing, awe-inspiring sort of amazing. Brigitte Gallagher comes pretty close though- the fucking sweetest spazz you'll ever almost step on. I'm an EXTREMELY strict vegetarian- get that dead flesh the hell away from me. Meat sickens me to no extent.PETA2.com