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Writer's Block: Legends of Rock

There are a few concerts that go down in musical history—Altamont, Woodstock, Live Aid, the Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds tour—as legendary experiences. What live show stands as legend in your own experience?
Hannah Montona should NEVER. EVER. be compared to Woodstock ever again. Come on, LJ, not cool.

But to answer the actual question, even though I wasn't there to experience it (I would've been 2, haha), I'd say the Woodstock show in '94 when Green Day played. Talk about legendary, man.


Fuck you, Bush. I just read an article about 9/11 and how devastating it was, with all these little details about children crying over the dads they'll never see again and etc etc. Normally, I'm REALLY sensitivive to other people's emotions. Watching a fucking TV show will set me off if there's the slightest hint of tragedy, and when even complete strangers start crying near me I start welling up. But I can't even cry about this, because Bush and his fucking cronies have made it into this horrible exploitation to scare the shit out of everyone and win the last election. Families ripped apart. Mothers and fathers dead. Can you even begin to imagine how horrible it would be if your husband or wife goes to work one day, and you maybe peck them goodbye like any other day, and they never come home? What about if you had a horrible row the night before, and you can never reconcile with them? This holds especially true with sons and daughters- I know that I've said some prett damn hateful things to my parents that I didn't mean, and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if that was the last meeting we had. So yeah, fucking horrible tragedy. Complete bullshit. And normally, I would have been sobbing my lil ol' heart out reading this article. But it's been exploited and sold out SO MUCH that I can't even muster up any pity for the families that were affected. Bush and his administration have taken advantage of it to the point where it's completely corrupt and disgusting- there is NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER for using the suffering of all these families to secure another election for yourself. It just disgusts me so much, to the point where I've basically shut down and had to repress all emotions that have to do with it. I really, really hate being jaded- it makes me feel like a completely worthless human being. So thanks, George Dub-yah, for making me completely immune to the suffering of all these people. GO FUCK OFF AND DIE, YOU CUNT.

Angrily yours, Jen


Jun. 18th, 2008

 No offense, scene kids, but you guys SUCK at moshing. You're adorable and everything, but... damn. Don't just stand around at concerts! That's so lame, and in my opinion ruins the experience... If that's all you're going to do, please, buy the CDs and stay at home instead of taking up space at the concert venue. The entire point of going to a concert is for the sense of community, and for the feeling that you can only get while being shoved around and tossed to the ground, then picked right back up again by people who relate to the same melodies and tunes that you do. Talk about coincidence- as I'm writing this, Drink Drank Punk by Anti-Flag came on. This was probably the most memorable sensation from that concert- everyone skanking around and moshing to this song. I'm trying to explain to myself why I adore moshing so much- not just moshing, but being tripped up and hurt and having people step on you, then not even half a second later being pulled back up and having all these hands patting you on the back, asking "Are you alright?" This reminds me of an account of suspension that I was reading on bmezine.com. A suspension is when you have your back/ shoulders/ legs/ etc. pierced, with hooks placed through the piercings, and loops on the opposite ends of the hooks. String's tied to these loops, and you're literally "suspended" by the holes in your body. Cringe if you want, but I know of the healing that can provide, and that ties into violence at concerts for me. Music's always been very close to my heart, and there are countless times when I'm listening to a song and everything just COMES TOGETHER in this rush that just hits me right between my shoulder blades, and reverberates throughout my body. Now, take that and add screaming the lyrics with people you've never met before, complete strangers, and then one or two of your very closest friends. Especially the strangers- the idea that you can be so united through this combination of, oh, A flat and B sharp. People you've never seen before. Never spoken to before. And here they are picking you off the beer-swamped ground with cigarette butt carpeting, comforting you, making sure you are absolutely quite alright, and then.... shoving you back in to absolute unbelievable chaos. The pit is basically your lowest low, the worst point- being shaken around, scared, shoved, stricken, scarred in some cases, and attacked by people you consider your kin, that you've been SINGING THESE SONGS WITH! But as soon as you fall over, the second you touch the ground, everyone's helping you and protecting you, and suddenly they're your saviors. That's how it ties into suspensions- the people who mutilated you, jabbed holes into you, and will probably leave scars that will last the rest of your life are the exact ones who help you down, who clean up your wounds and hug you and offer you salvation. So in conclusion, STOP STANDING AROUND AT CONCERTS. Learn to experience this, to become part of a community. Because once you've taken part in this with somebody, you are bonded for forever. It doesn't matter what else happens; if somebody destroys you and then rebuilds you, then the two of you are family for as long as your soul exists. I sound like a complete crackhead now, but regardless, that's my view on the subject.

Dependently yours, Jen

i've forgotten...

...how amazing teen love feels. i mean, i know that's a stupid sappy title, but whatever. and note that i said 'TEEN' love, not reallife love. because i know there's a huge difference. I meant teen love as in, "like liking" people and all that jazz. aw, i'm so happy! he thinks im hot, he seriously acts like he likes me too. when i saw him at rtc, he and his friend were talking about something really serious, and his friend was like 'dude, come on, let's talk somewhere private.' but instead of leaving he specifically said OUTRIGHT: "no, jenny's here, i want to stay." i mean, DUUUUDDEEE!! this is such a pep-up thing. i might as well put on a bloody cheerleader outfit and start chanelling my cheeriness to home games.

well you see, the problem with poet is: how do you know it's deceased? try the priest!

i swear my family will murder me in my sleep if they hear that song one more time, and i can't say i blame them, but it's so catchy! maybe it's just the anti-religionist in me loving the eating of priests, because the song sounds nothing at all like the stuff i normally adore.

how the hell am i supposed to know a substitute for baking powder? these people have ridICULOUS expectations... and that woman is, i hate to say, rather hideous. not her face, particularly, but how FORCED the smile is. she is obviously putting it on for the camera.

blackout dance tonight... i'm not nearly as excited as i should be. well, that's miscontruent. i dont care if thats a word, its the right combination of vowels and consonants to suit the purpose im looking for. in other words, since i am incomprehensible, that was a lie. i'm VERYVERYVERY excited at the moment, though i do have to go and take a shower, which seems a damn right shame ("shame?" "seems an awful waste...") since i took one this morning and it'll dry out my scalp. :(

and as an extra note... 'what is THAT?'
fabbity fab fab.

carnivorously yours,

 i am COMPLETELY retarded, and should probably be removed from the human race to prevent us from getting any stupider. You know those warning labels on prescription drugs (ex; take with water, do not exceed 2 in 1 hr, etc)? Well, I recently had some surgery (appendicitus) done, and have to take some prescription-strength pain killers... And blatantly, on the front of the bottle, it says "TAKE WITH FOOD" in these massive letters. So I completely overlook that, and take one after eating nothing but a tiny scoop of ice cream in the last 4/5 hours. In about 15 minutes, I start falling over and getting EXTREMELY dizzy, to the point where I'm considering going up to my parents and recommending that they take me back to the hospital. I couldn't focus on anything, and the entire room was a blur unless I used all my eyeball energy to focus on it. Then I realise that there's a sticker on the bottle that says, predictabley, TAKE WITH FOOD. It also said 'CAUTION: MAY CAUSE DIZZINESS" So now I feel like a complete retard. I had some spaghetti, and I'm alot better now, but still. DEE-DEE-DEE.

irresponsibly yours, Jen


Oct. 14th, 2007

... I'm so bored. But I finished reading Ishmael last night, and it was HOMECOMING! So much fucking fun!! I totally crashed the second I got home, but oh my god, it was brill. I danced with almost everyone I know, and got to yell at this guy who I really don't like, but who hasn't specifically done anything bad to me... until last night. Hahaha, ew, everyone got so sweaty, especially Cesco and Nijiat- CESCO, IF YOU'RE READING THIS, THAT WAS FSKING NASTY. They both had sweat literally dripping off of them. I danced with Elizabeth, as well, which was really fun (:D), and we went to TGI Friday's before hand, which was hilarious. Me and my friends are super freaks at the best of times, but when you added the mad hyperosity from getting ready for homecoming, we were quite literally clinically insane. Everyone looked REALLY good, and the guys looked so sweet in their suits! All in all, REALLY fun night. : )

Completely exhaustingly yours,


anti-flag tee :D

yeah... first post to this community :D

i seriously love this t-shirt, and am SO proud of it- i tried to operate on 2 shirts that i really liked, but completely botched it : \ they hid in the back of my closet for a year (no exaggeration), before finally being transformed into my new favorite top

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the 2nd pic's just the design on the t-shirt- i couldn't find a picture of the actual shirt anywhere, and forgot to take one before i cut it up.


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so yeah- like i said before, i really love it :]

i backhanded your mama

W00T!! farrell's over (and back from north carolina!!!), we just finished watching 10 things i hate about you (<3!!!!!), i got to hang out with my BUDD-A-ROOS at reston town center (even though it was freezing cold D:), and brigitte's back from florida!!! so all in all, a rather wonderful day. except- does anybody know if you can seriously damage someone for life by kicking them in the nuts too hard? :-/ DON'T DRINK WHEN I'M SPEAKING TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! christ i'm kind of hyper :P OH and this awesome guy tyler text messaged me today and it was all "HAHAHAHA FLIRT". the only thing that SUCKED was the anti-flag concert got sold out..... DX they're my favorite band EVER! coming in second to green day, though. and maybe rancid and NOFX as well- but they're pretty high up there!!!!!     PS::aww, the smiley face for this is so cute!

Spazzmaticly Yours, Jen


urgh. so there's this guy (who i'll call m) who i've had a REALLY big crush on for about 2 weeks or so, who used to go out with one of my best friends, c. well, a while ago, m asked me out, and i told him i couldnt because c was still in love with him and would be really upset if i went out with him. but just yesterday, one of m's friends told me that m had a new girlfriend- this girl from his old school. and it's so annoying, because i thought that he was going to wait until she got over him. UGGHHGUGUGH *insert zombie sound effects here*

Morbidly yours, Jen