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Oct. 14th, 2007

... I'm so bored. But I finished reading Ishmael last night, and it was HOMECOMING! So much fucking fun!! I totally crashed the second I got home, but oh my god, it was brill. I danced with almost everyone I know, and got to yell at this guy who I really don't like, but who hasn't specifically done anything bad to me... until last night. Hahaha, ew, everyone got so sweaty, especially Cesco and Nijiat- CESCO, IF YOU'RE READING THIS, THAT WAS FSKING NASTY. They both had sweat literally dripping off of them. I danced with Elizabeth, as well, which was really fun (:D), and we went to TGI Friday's before hand, which was hilarious. Me and my friends are super freaks at the best of times, but when you added the mad hyperosity from getting ready for homecoming, we were quite literally clinically insane. Everyone looked REALLY good, and the guys looked so sweet in their suits! All in all, REALLY fun night. : )

Completely exhaustingly yours,